The Moon shifts into Capricorn for the next 2.5 days, in preparation for the New Moon in Capricorn occurring on the 13th. We are now in the dark of the moon period, so we may be feeling more serious and intense with the Moon, Sun, Venus, Mars and Pluto all in Earth signs right now. This influence is ideal for ensuring that you’re getting the rest that you need, and that you’re completing the tasks that must be completed in order for you to feel free. Once that New Moon strikes in two days, Scorpio, it’ll change the way you approach work and communication — for the better. You’ve become aware of moments when you’ve piled too much on your plate, leading to anxiety or distraction. Now that you know better, you’ll move better. Since today is 1/11, it’s a portal of instant manifestation, and the ideas you have can come to life more quickly and specifically. Spend today reflecting on the lifestyle and professional changes you’re ready to make so that you can live a more easeful, fulfilling life. It’s what you deserve.