Welcome to 1.1.2021, Scorpio! Let this first day of the new year inspire you to recreate yourself when the timing feels right. Today may be the start of the calendar year, but the astrological new year doesn’t actually begin until March 21st, so be kind to yourself as you ease into this new chapter — you have plenty of time to decide what your next step is. With Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius activating your sector of roots and values for most of this year, you may want to spend some time today journaling about what you’d like your values to be this year. How would you like to consistently feel? What would you like to consistently experience? Perhaps you’re not even seeking as much consistency as you’re seeking adventure. Perhaps you know that if you make this a year of stepping out of your comfort zone, you’ll be increasingly aware of your abilities to make this life one that’s thrilling, healing and soul-affirming. Scorpio, it’s okay to let yourself explore new avenues if your heart keeps telling you too. On this first day of 2021, make a vow to no longer place limits on your potential.