Scorpio, the Moon spends Monday and Tuesday in Leo, in preparation for Wednesday’s Full Moon. Today’s energy has you focused on your career. You can tell that everything’s starting to align in your favor. Even if you’re not quite “there” yet, Mars’ presence in Capricorn is helping you take things step by step and do what needs to be done. Deep down, you know what power moves are essential for you to reach your professional goals. Start this week with discipline and concentration, and you’ll soon reap the rewards. That doesn’t mean you should place love on the backburner though, Scorpio. The Leo Moon encourages you to be glamorous, flirtatious, and warm-hearted. Spread that legendary Scorpio passion to people you admire, and let those who admire you show you love too. You’re allowed to succeed at work and also feel blissful romantically. Give the Universe permission to bless you with a double portion of abundance!