Scorpio, we’ve entered one of the most mystical periods ever — Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, has re-entered Pisces! For the next five months, our sector of fate, true love, adventure, and creativity is lit up by Jupiter’s presence in Pisces. This allows us to be more open to love in all aspects of our lives. We fall more deeply in love with ourselves during this transit, and others fall more deeply in love with us too. 2022 is the year that many Scorpios will fall in love or experience much bliss in current romantic partnerships. Our desire to be more artsy and let our talents shine will also increase. Life will feel sweeter and more expansive! One thing to watch out for is getting caught up in fantasy — since Pisces rules illusion, we have to remember that not everything or everyone is what they seem. But since our intuitions will be super heightened, if we continue to listen to ourselves and trust the signs, we’ll experience more blessings in love, and in life, than we can imagine. It’s what we deserve!