Congratulations, Scorpio — you’ve made it to the week where 2021 transforms into 2022. And you’ve also made it through the final Saturn-Uranus square of the year! Chances are that you dealt with a huge plot twist last week, and you handled it more maturely than your past self would have. Even if you’re still feeling some growing pains as the year ends, use the Libra Moon on Monday and Tuesday to hype yourself up anyway. Even if a new year technically begins this week, also remember that time is an illusion. All that exists is the now moment. Your journey is always unfolding in all sorts of ways, and all sorts of directions. Instead of being too fixated on the goals you think you should’ve ticked off your list “by now”, focus on the bliss and peace you’re ready to feel and experience right now. Imagine yourself as a magnet for the abundance and security you seek. And get ready to receive it with open arms.