Now that the energy of the Full Moon in Cancer is starting to wane, and that Uranus has officially shifted direct, a part of you may feel restless about everything you want to be doing, but also content with everything you’ve already done. This feeling of limbo is likely to continue throughout the month of January, Scorpio, and it’s meant to teach you that it’s okay to not immediately jump into the next phase of your life when you’re still tying up loose ends on previous chapters. Be honest with yourself about what your major priorities for 2021 were — if they haven’t yet been accomplished, you may find yourself ready to try again now. Retrograde seasons and full moon cycles are ideal for giving yourself a break when it comes to having it all together, but they aren’t excuses to not do anything at all. Whether you decide to re-apply to a job, edit your manuscript, or detox your social media profiles from energy that’s too distracting, pick one or two tasks you’re ready to commit to this Wednesday and Thursday, and stick to them until the mission is complete. Celebrate yourself once it’s done!