After five months in retrograde motion, Uranus, the Planet of Revolution, shifts direct on Tuesday the 18th. We’ll feel the influence of this planetary shift on Monday, especially since the Cancer Full Moon takes place that day too. It may feel like a part of us is stuck in the past, feeling nostalgic about simpler times, while another part of us is eager to leap into new dimensions and let go of everything that previously held us back or kept us in loops of familiarity. The best thing you can do this Monday and Tuesday is simply be still, Scorpio. So much has transpired these past five months — more than you may have had the capacity to fully process. Mercury and Venus retrograde are both here to invite you to slow your roll and truly pay attention to the ways you’ve grown, the ways you’ve backtracked, and the moments when you’ve felt stuck. All of them are contributing to your evolution, and while Uranus Retrograde led to several surprises in your relationships, you’re getting ready to enter a calmer and more stable era in your love life and friendships. Let this week’s Cancer Full Moon remind you of your ever-transforming nature.