September 22 - October 22

KnowLibra Scope May 23 – 24

Libra, you’re getting to know yourself even more. Over the next few days, we collectively witness Mercury (planet of communication and mental processing), shifting out of Gemini, into the earth sign of Taurus. Libra, this is going to move the focus of your Mercury retrograde experience, powerfully illuminating new spheres to work with and heal. You have a particularly potent journey this retrograde and you may be noticing some deep shifts within your psyche. This will be a powerful time to pay particular attention to your fears, triggers, pain points and frustrations. Find patience, and use each one as a means to learn more about yourself. What do your fears and triggers tell you? How can you use them as tools to direct you towards balance in your life? Journaling and inner reflection will be particularly for this process of self-expansion.


KnowLibra March ’22 Scope

Libra, the month begins with the New Moon in Pisces receiving hopeful and expansive blessings from Jupiter. Update your routine and make sure to give your self-care the importance it deserves within your schedule. On the 6th, Mars and Venus enter Aquarius, and it’s time to put your energy into the things that spark your creative fire, and bring you fun, pleasure and romance! Mercury enters Pisces in your area of work and health on the 9th, making it a nice time to declutter and sort out the details of your daily existence. On the 18th, we have the Full Moon in Virgo. What can you do to carve out more space for what uplifts and connects you to your true authority? Get rid of the things that drain your energy, and make more space for the things that refresh and regenerate you. On the 20th, the spring equinox brings the Aries Season and the beginning of the zodiacal year. Then Mercury enters Aries as well on the 27th. Allow yourself more vulnerability within your one-on-one relationships, dare to be known a little more deeply.

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About Libra

Element: Air

Mode: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Venus, the Planet of Love and Relationships

Where Youll Find Them: Daydreaming about their lover, decorating their home, hosting a party

What They Avoid: Getting too serious too soon, explaining their emotions, making a decision

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac an Air sign characterized by their intellect, desire for balance, and love of beauty and harmony. Libra is able to adapt to any situation theyre thrown into, and they get along with practically anyone they meet. A charming people-person, Libra is a wonderful communicator, artist, host, speaker and writers Being ruled by Venus makes Libra charismatic and aware of how the beauty that exists within and around them. Some people call Libra vain or superficial, but those are often the same people who wish they had Libras timeless aura and aesthetic.

Professionally, Libra makes a great lawyer due to their propensity for justice-related causes. Libras are also natural artists, singers, dancers, painters, actors and poets because of their desire to express their fluid emotions to a wider audience. Libras have a need for balance and fairness in their lives, so they may gravitate towards a career where they have a fair shot of advancing and achieving their goals. But sometimes Libra plays it too safe, preferring to take the tried and true route rather than risk it all. Libra isnt that comfortable with extremes, but theyd benefit from daring to tip the scales every now and then. Libra is known for using their intellect and logic over their sensitivity and intuition, but a deeper emotional analysis can benefit them in the long-run.

As a friend, Libra is a social butterfly. Many people call Libra their best friend, but Libra may not really call that many other people their best friend, because they have so many friends. Even the shyest Libras have an approachable, warm, loving demeanor about them that helps them stand out from the crowd. Libras smile and welcoming energy can open many doors for them. People feel relaxed around Libra, and Libra is able to bring harmony to every environment theyre in. The main thing Libras must work on as friends is not skimming the surface of their relationships. They should dare to dig deeper and get to know their friends on a profound level. Sometimes Libra flutters from friend to friend so easily that others question their level of investment in the friendship.

Romantically, while Libra may initially come off as an open book, once you really observe them you realize how elusive Libra really is. Like all Air signs, Libra may flutter from experience to experience, but since Libra is the most relationship-oriented sign of the zodiac theyre ultimately seeking to attract a soulmate someone who challenges them intellectually, emotionally and physically. Yes, Libra can be flirtatious and indecisive in love. But once a Libra falls in love, they focus on being present within the experience, and giving all that they can. They become attuned to their partner’s needs and more sensitive as a lover, and this crystallizes the bond.