September 22 - October 22

KnowLibra Scope July 4 – 5

Libra, connect to your emotions and your inner world in order to reclaim your power. The Moon is still in Virgo, inviting us to connect with our natural rhythms until Tuesday night when it shifts into Libra, bringing awareness to what it means to be in relationship with ourselves and the world around us. A shift in energy occurs on Tuesday, when Mars leaves its home sign and enters the slow moving, pleasure seeking sign of Taurus until August 20th. Part of what you have to learn in this lifetime has to do with limits. In order for you to truly understand what you like, you have to experience what you don’t like and vice versa. Embark on the journey of life and don’t hold back! Make this time about opening up to new experiences in order to really connect with what it is you love. Mercury also leaves its home sign to enter nurturing, safety seeking Cancer until July 19th. Activating communication, and bringing more movement and engagement into your professional life.


KnowLibra June ’22 Scope

Key Themes: intimacy, new perspectives, spirituality, transcendence and persistence.

Libra, the month of June starts out with Mercury going direct in Taurus on the 3rd. I invite you to take a look at the things you were reviewing from May 23rd until now concerning your sexuality and how you share and merge your resources and energy with others. It’ll be easier for you to discern now when to open up and when to set necessary boundaries.

On the 4th, Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius until October 23rd, and you may start to feel the weight of your responsibilities when it comes to your creations and your self-expression. It’s a good time to reevaluate your relationship to intimacy. When it comes to romance, what are your ground rules? Laying out your boundaries will help your love life flourish in the direction you want it to.

On the 13th, Mercury re-enters Gemini, bringing back themes that were present between April 30th and May 22nd, concerning your belief systems, coming out of your comfort zone, trying new things and connecting with new perspectives. Where things may have backfired before, you’ll be able to see and act more clearly now.

The Full Moon in Sag occurs on the 14th at 7:52am EST, highlighting your schedule and how much order, flow and balance you’ve been able to bring into it during the past six months. The value of your time is being emphasized. Protect it. This is no time to misdirect your energy.

Cancer Season comes rolling in on the 21st, shifting the energy into more of an inner, emotional, grounding and security seeking mood. A light will be shining on your area of career and long-term goals. You’ll most likely have to make some important calls. I advise you to make sure you’re putting your happiness at the center of each professional decision.

On the 22nd, Venus moves into Gemini until July 17th, and with Mercury here as well, it’s likely that you’ll want to connect with others through knowledge, philosophy and spirituality. You’ll want to bond with those that share your values. You’re opening up to your desire to experience more transcendent connections.

On the 28th, Neptune will go retrograde in Pisces until December 3rd, inviting you to become more flexible when it comes to your daily structures, rituals and routines. Taking up therapy is a good idea right now, especially if anxiety gets the best of you. Do more of what uplifts your health and overall wellbeing, even if it’s just including more of the little things that bring joy into your life.

The New Moon in Cancer also happens on the 28th at 10:52pm EST, and it wants you to connect with the opportunities that are all around you. It wants to connect you with the things you want the most, the things you’re willing to risk the most for. Believe in your abilities, you have a right to pursue your dreams, and to do so successfully. Doubts will be inevitable. Questioning your motives can help you to better understand your course of action.

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About Libra

Element: Air

Mode: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Venus, the Planet of Love and Relationships

Where Youll Find Them: Daydreaming about their lover, decorating their home, hosting a party

What They Avoid: Getting too serious too soon, explaining their emotions, making a decision

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac an Air sign characterized by their intellect, desire for balance, and love of beauty and harmony. Libra is able to adapt to any situation theyre thrown into, and they get along with practically anyone they meet. A charming people-person, Libra is a wonderful communicator, artist, host, speaker and writers Being ruled by Venus makes Libra charismatic and aware of how the beauty that exists within and around them. Some people call Libra vain or superficial, but those are often the same people who wish they had Libras timeless aura and aesthetic.

Professionally, Libra makes a great lawyer due to their propensity for justice-related causes. Libras are also natural artists, singers, dancers, painters, actors and poets because of their desire to express their fluid emotions to a wider audience. Libras have a need for balance and fairness in their lives, so they may gravitate towards a career where they have a fair shot of advancing and achieving their goals. But sometimes Libra plays it too safe, preferring to take the tried and true route rather than risk it all. Libra isnt that comfortable with extremes, but theyd benefit from daring to tip the scales every now and then. Libra is known for using their intellect and logic over their sensitivity and intuition, but a deeper emotional analysis can benefit them in the long-run.

As a friend, Libra is a social butterfly. Many people call Libra their best friend, but Libra may not really call that many other people their best friend, because they have so many friends. Even the shyest Libras have an approachable, warm, loving demeanor about them that helps them stand out from the crowd. Libras smile and welcoming energy can open many doors for them. People feel relaxed around Libra, and Libra is able to bring harmony to every environment theyre in. The main thing Libras must work on as friends is not skimming the surface of their relationships. They should dare to dig deeper and get to know their friends on a profound level. Sometimes Libra flutters from friend to friend so easily that others question their level of investment in the friendship.

Romantically, while Libra may initially come off as an open book, once you really observe them you realize how elusive Libra really is. Like all Air signs, Libra may flutter from experience to experience, but since Libra is the most relationship-oriented sign of the zodiac theyre ultimately seeking to attract a soulmate someone who challenges them intellectually, emotionally and physically. Yes, Libra can be flirtatious and indecisive in love. But once a Libra falls in love, they focus on being present within the experience, and giving all that they can. They become attuned to their partner’s needs and more sensitive as a lover, and this crystallizes the bond.