September 22 - October 22

KnowLibra Wknd Scope November 25 – 27, 2022

Libra, listen closely. We’re still feeling the potency of the New Moon and the ripple effects of its initiatory energy. Sagittarius season tends to bring that ‘sky’s the limit’ feeling, so now it’s about figuring out what it means for our lives. Over the next few days there could be some emotional turbulence with the moon forming tensions with Mars, Neptune and Jupiter – but a harmonious conversation between the moon and Uranus soon after, will lead to epiphanies and new ideas. Libra, this activates a sector of that you’ve been working with all year: healing your fears. This may be taking place on a very subtle layer, so pay close attention. Paying attention to your triggers, or the areas where you seem to ‘lose your voice,’ will provide you with a directive. This is where you’re ready to heal.

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KnowLibra October ’22 Scope

Key themes: introspection, home, family, intimate relationships, self-affirmation, creativity, resources

October begins with Mercury going direct in the sign of Virgo. For the past 9 days or so, you’ve been deep in your inner realms, and maybe even connecting with past wounds and traumas. Things will begin to calm down now. You’ll be able to see that what happened before isn’t necessarily happening right now.

On the 8th, Pluto also goes direct, in the sign of Capricorn, where it’s been for the past 14 years. During its retrograde, you got a chance to see the dynamics of power and control within your home and family. Pluto has been slowly helping you root out this darkness, and tap into more life affirming dynamics. When it turns direct, you’ll be able to take on a more conscious and empowered approach to this.

This month, the Full Moon will happen in Aries, on the 9th at 4:55pm EST. A light will be shining on the transformations occurring in how you exist within your commitments. Embrace the conflicts that come up time and again within your intimate relationships. This will help you shift the patterns that keep you stuck, and also understand yourself and others more deeply.

Mercury will re-enter your sign on the 10th, taking you back to the things you were experiencing or thinking about surrounding your personal power, who you are and wish to be, and how you present yourself to the world between August 26th and September 22nd. Let yourself go slow with this, but dare to be bold about who you are.

Saturn also goes direct this month on the 23rd in the sign of Aquarius, where the magic of your creative self-expressions and your ability to play and give into romance resides. This will be an opportunity to bring even more structure to your creative projects, and to factor in more moments of joy into your life. Make sure that your leisurely activities are really serving you, your rest and your pleasure.

Also on the 23rd, Venus enters the sign of Scorpio, followed by the Sun, and on the 25th we welcome the second eclipse season of the year with a New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. There will be a lot of external shifts and inner reflections when it comes to your material security and the way you make a living. Let yourself be moved by this even if it brings discomfort. Instead of worrying, give into the sustainable pleasures that help you feel abundant.

On the 28th, Jupiter retrograde will re-enter the sign of Pisces, bringing back some of the wisdom we began to tap into at the beginning of May. In your case, it has to do with your body’s wisdom, your natural rhythm, and how you choose to move throughout your day. Pay attention to what feels good, what enhances your energy levels, and what leaves you depleted.

Mercury will join Venus and the Sun in Scorpio on the 29th, inviting you to move towards the things that help ground you. Do more of whatever calms your nervous system, and more of what enhances your ability to feel secure within your body and your psyche.

On the 30th, Mars will go retrograde in Gemini for the next two and a half months, inspiring you to push your inner horizons. This is a time of expansion. Don’t fight it. Spend time outside of your comfort zone. Spend time with people that widen your perspectives and leave you feeling like life is full of possibilities.

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About Libra

Element: Air

Mode: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Venus, the Planet of Love and Relationships

Where Youll Find Them: Daydreaming about their lover, decorating their home, hosting a party

What They Avoid: Getting too serious too soon, explaining their emotions, making a decision

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac an Air sign characterized by their intellect, desire for balance, and love of beauty and harmony. Libra is able to adapt to any situation theyre thrown into, and they get along with practically anyone they meet. A charming people-person, Libra is a wonderful communicator, artist, host, speaker and writers Being ruled by Venus makes Libra charismatic and aware of how the beauty that exists within and around them. Some people call Libra vain or superficial, but those are often the same people who wish they had Libras timeless aura and aesthetic.

Professionally, Libra makes a great lawyer due to their propensity for justice-related causes. Libras are also natural artists, singers, dancers, painters, actors and poets because of their desire to express their fluid emotions to a wider audience. Libras have a need for balance and fairness in their lives, so they may gravitate towards a career where they have a fair shot of advancing and achieving their goals. But sometimes Libra plays it too safe, preferring to take the tried and true route rather than risk it all. Libra isnt that comfortable with extremes, but theyd benefit from daring to tip the scales every now and then. Libra is known for using their intellect and logic over their sensitivity and intuition, but a deeper emotional analysis can benefit them in the long-run.

As a friend, Libra is a social butterfly. Many people call Libra their best friend, but Libra may not really call that many other people their best friend, because they have so many friends. Even the shyest Libras have an approachable, warm, loving demeanor about them that helps them stand out from the crowd. Libras smile and welcoming energy can open many doors for them. People feel relaxed around Libra, and Libra is able to bring harmony to every environment theyre in. The main thing Libras must work on as friends is not skimming the surface of their relationships. They should dare to dig deeper and get to know their friends on a profound level. Sometimes Libra flutters from friend to friend so easily that others question their level of investment in the friendship.

Romantically, while Libra may initially come off as an open book, once you really observe them you realize how elusive Libra really is. Like all Air signs, Libra may flutter from experience to experience, but since Libra is the most relationship-oriented sign of the zodiac theyre ultimately seeking to attract a soulmate someone who challenges them intellectually, emotionally and physically. Yes, Libra can be flirtatious and indecisive in love. But once a Libra falls in love, they focus on being present within the experience, and giving all that they can. They become attuned to their partner’s needs and more sensitive as a lover, and this crystallizes the bond.