Welcome to the other side, Virgo. Your ruler Mercury ends its 3-week retrograde in the sign of Libra this Monday the 18th, and Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, ends its 4.5 month retrograde in Aquarius on the same day. While there will still be a post-shadow influence for several weeks, you’ll start to feel less restless as the week progresses, especially once you’ve made it past the intense energy of the Aries Full Moon that occurs on the 20th. This week, celebrate the fact that despite the insecurities and self-doubt that retrograde season may have brought up for you, you have persevered, and loved yourself through the uncertainty. Now you’re going to start to feel more certain about what you want and what it takes to get what you want. Life hack: you have to do less, not more. You have to keep choosing yourself first, instead of taking on other people’s burdens or expectations. Once Scorpio Season strikes this Saturday the 23rd, you’ll feel more confident and powerful than you have all year. Get ready for your rebirth.