Dig deep Virgo. Over the next few days we have an auspicious planetary shift with Mars coming into harmony with Saturn. We’re nearing the end of this Mercury retrograde, which means themes we’re working with will be reaching their boiling point. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, this will feel like a chance to catch your breath and find your footing again. Virgo, with Mercury retrograde having shifted into your sign, this is a time to be asking yourself the big questions. Where are you at right now in life, and where are you heading? We’re still in a New Moon portal which means it’s a good time for planting seeds and intentions. Because your sector of identity and desire is activated, it’s time to revisit your personal truths. Get clear on who you are and what you want (right now)… then take the necessary steps to move your life into alignment with the answer. Even though you’re usually more inclined to think things through – taking a leap of faith will be rewarded here!