@KnowVirgo Daily Scope 5.18.21

The Moon hangs out in the passionate sign of Leo and comes into a tense alignment with Saturn and Uranus. Things will be tense today. Cultivate your patience as much as you can and try not to take things too personally. Keep an open heart. Virgo, your emotions will be deep today. Take the time to feel them throughout your day, no matter what you’re doing. Don’t ignore them, walk with them. Don’t ignore any issues that come up in your day-to-day or your work. You’ll feel like escaping reality and the things that feel too heavy. The best thing you can do is face them head on. If not, they’ll just grow and become way too overwhelming. You’ve got this. Move slow but move firmly. You’ll feel so much better and will be able to relax afterwards.

@KnowVirgo Daily Scope 5.17.21

This will be an intense day with the Sun aligning to Pluto. Go deep into your experiences, you’ll have greater power and influence over your life. Open up to the transformations that want to take place. Virgo, the Moon will be in your area of the unconscious these next couple of days. Don’t push yourself too hard or strain your energy. Treat yourself with care. Take a break whenever you can. The Sun and Pluto are inviting you to put your creative projects out there. Don’t overthink things, don’t hold back. It’s time to take charge and let yourself be overcome by your impulse to move forward. The union of Venus and the North Node in your area of career can lead to a significant and destiny driven connection with someone in your work or social settings.

@KnowVirgo Wknd Scopes 5.15 – 5.16

Virgo, this wknd is the perfect time to put your communities first. The Moon will hangout in the nurturing sign of Cancer, inviting us to tap into our needs and to take good care of ourselves and our loved ones. The transits of the wknd will light a fire on our emotional world helping us tap into empathic action and grounded healing. Virgo, keep your visions of the future close to your heart. Breathe light and love into them. Surround yourself with the ones that align with your intentions. Surround yourself with the kind of energy that can lead you to connect with like-minded people. Connect with the ones that warm your heart and tickle your soul. This is a great time to put yourself out there.

@KnowVirgo Daily Scope 5.14.21

We kick things off today with an uncomfortable alignment between Neptune and the Moon. This is no time to make snap judgements. Be patient when navigating through any confusion. Don’t take things too seriously until they become clear. Open up to your sensitivity, and express empathy towards others and yourself. Virgo, you want to get things done. You want to take steps towards your professional aspirations. Take things slow. Stay connected. Your mind may not be as clear as you think right now. Take some time to daydream, but beware of entertaining delusions. Where you want to be isn’t necessarily where you are. You can get there. But you have to be conscious of where you’re standing in order to take the right steps forward. Come night time, things will feel more relaxed. It’ll be a nice time to connect with friends and family.

@KnowVirgo Daily Scope 5.13.21

Jupiter enters the sensitive sign of Pisces for the next two and a half months. The world is in dire need of compassion, empathy, and recognition of others -all others- as a part of ourselves. Let your belief systems become permeable. Open your heart and understanding towards the ones you recognize as foreign. Virgo, you want abundant relationships. You want to know that the person you’re sharing yourself with can enrich your life in so many ways. You want to know that you’re opening up new spaces of exploration for them. You want the love that flows through you both to be immeasurable. You want hearts wide open, and unlimited understanding and respect. You will settle for nothing less.

@KnowVirgo Daily Scope 5.12.21

With the Moon entering the communicative sign of Gemini and uniting with intimate Venus, give yourself the chance to speak from the heart and voice your emotions. Mercury’s alignment to Saturn offers a solid structure to draw out a plan for your long-term goals. Virgo, I know you like things all planned out. But I invite you to become a bit more playful these days when it comes to your professional life. You are so rigorous, it’s part of your nature, and I’m not telling you let go of this completely. I’m just inviting you to release your grip a bit and make space for uncertainty to have a role in your work. Dare to be a little spontaneous and open up to see where this can take you.