Congratulations, Virgo — you’ve made it through the final eclipse of 2022! We won’t be experiencing another Total Lunar Eclipse until 2025, so this is a significant milestone. We’ll still be in eclipse season for two more weeks though, so pace yourself as you embrace your rebirth. For you, this eclipse activated your sector of expansion, helping you reflect on ways you may want to switch up your home environment, or explore new parts of the world. It’s interesting, because as an Earth sign, you’d think an eclipse in a fellow Earth sign (Taurus) would have you wanting to stay still, but because the full moon conjoined with Uranus, the Planet of Change, you’re actually ready for novelty and adventure. Mars is retrograde, so focus on adventures you’ve been meaning to do rather than initiating a completely new one. Find time in the next week to do something just for yourself and your inner child. Take off work, ask for a mental health break, put your phone on airplane mode, do whatever you need to do to feel like you’re prioritizing yourself first and foremost! It’s game-changing!