Skymates, there’s a Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus taking place Nov 8. This eclipse signals endings, as well as a potential for a new beginning. I’m feeling this eclipse immensely, and I have to be transparent with you. I’ve been sharing free readings with this community for nearly 12 years now, and I desire greater reciprocity. At times I feel like I’ve poured more into KTZ than a majority of its users have poured into me. Some of you have supported my work by buying my forecasts and my book, and I’m eternally grateful for you. However, I also have the impression that many of you benefit from my spiritual wisdom but don’t pour it back into me tangibly. This eclipse has led me to a crossroads of sorts. I have a book, Signs & Skymates, coming out Dec 6, and I’d love for more of you to pre-order my labor of love! Receiving your support beyond likes and comments will motivate me to keep writing these daily scopes, because it’ll feel like an equal exchange of energy. But I’m also okay with starting over, no longer offering free readings, and letting go. Big eclipse energy. Perhaps you feel similarly in some aspects of your life. Use this eclipse to speak your truth, even if it hurts. Let your needs be known. Release yourself from resentment. BE FREE. For those who’d like to support my work by pre-ordering my book, the link’s in my bio/on my site. Thank you, and happy lunar eclipse!