Virgo, how do you feel comfortable sharing yourself? The Moon will still be in Leo on Monday, before it moves into your sign at the end of the day. Monday may bring tension for us all, in your case, something to do with your daily rituals, your belief systems and your communications. Give yourself space to process things. If you fill your schedule or spend too much time doom scrolling, your energy will be depleted. Give your body the rest it deserves. Tuesday brings a lot of change in energies. Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini, slowing things down when it comes to your career. Keep an eye out and review your life path, how you got there and how you see yourself moving forward in the future. Then Jupiter moves out of dreamy Pisces and into impulsive Aries, bringing more support from others, in the form of money, resources and/or emotional support. Take it all in. Soften your boundaries. You’re working on feeling more comfortable with intimacy.