Skymates, the Full Moon in Libra becomes exact at 12:34 am EST on Thursday, reminding us that a little care, understanding and thoughtfulness can help to renew our relationships and our responsibilities. The Full Moon comes with a merging between Mercury and the North Node, bringing new insights about our life path and our soul purpose. Virgo, this Moon works as a reality check on your financial situation and responsibilities. This may sound scary for some, but its actually a good thing. You’ll be able to see more clearly what you have to work with, where you need to cut back, and where things are working just fine. Trust that your hard work is paying off, even if its not bringing in as much as you would hope for. Put your focus on what you can do with what you’ve got. Focusing on what you can’t do, even if its very true and maybe even unjust, won’t yield anything productive. This Moon can help you to think up ways to bring more in with the natural talents and resources that you already hold.