Virgo, the Sun enters a fellow Earth sign this week! If you’ve been feeling isolated or restricted in any way as the week begins, do your best to take things slow. Feel your feels without letting them drown you, and pressure yourself the least you can. On Tuesday, the Sun leaves Aries, giving way to Taurus Season, and bringing with it a slower, more grounded and body centered feel. Virgo, this is no day to seek for perfection. It’s a day to accept where you are, to love yourself for getting here, to love your unfinished self. Whatever helps you love yourself, others, and the world, do more of that. On Tuesday, when the Sun begins to shine a light on your area of philosophical and spiritual fulfillment, lean into your body, and it’s role in this sense of wellbeing. Your body holds your spirit and your emotions, dedicate this month to treating it as such.