Virgo, what do you need? Today is one to start shifting your gaze inward, as tomorrow marks the Dark of the Moon period the last three days of the Lunar cycle. This time creates a spaciousness for the upcoming Aries New Moon (the first of the astrological year). Astrology is the study of natural rhythms and cycles, one of which is the lunar cycle. The DOM is a time to look inside, to face our shadows, or to simply give ourselves presence. Its energy carries a quiet, healing wisdom. Virgo, your naturally caring disposition means you often give up your time, effort and care – to help those around you. This is a beautiful trait and something that creates a huge positive impact in the world. Still, it’s important to find balance between the needs of others, and your own. You’ve been powering through, but now it’s time to rest, and focus on yourself. Turn inwards, to give yourself the same love that you have been so generously extending to others.