Virgo, today’s energies will feel like food for the soul. Today the Aries moon comes into harmonious connections with Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. Here, the collective experiences harmony between our innermost cores and the world outside us, our communication, sense of abundance and love. Virgo, today is one for self-appreciation and gratitude. Often your inner critic wins the battle in your mind, and you can sometimes fail to see your own excellence. The universe prompts you today, to flip this around entirely. Look for the ways in which you positively impact those around you. Look for the effects of your consistency, generosity and attention to detail. Find the ways in which you’ve already achieved success. It’s the perfect time to write some positive affirmations for yourself. Use these as mantras for any time that you’re feeling overwhelmed. You can use them as tools, to bring you back as required, to your warm heart-center.