Sagittarius, are you shining as brightly as you can? We have a major few days coming up with Pluto retrograde stationing direct, right before we experience our powerful Aries Full Moon. This moon could feel kind of intense, as it meets with Chiron (the asteroid that reflects our deepest wounds). This beautifully powerful cosmic signature reminds us that we’re all on a healing journey. Nothing in life is ‘perfect,’ nor is it meant to be. Rather, the hidden perfection is in the fact that we are always evolving and flowing with the seasons and cycles. Sag, because this activates your sector of self-expression, you might just find yourself coming face to face with where you feel stifled. Lean into any fears or distrust that you might have, and question their validity? Ultimately, you are the director of your own life. This moon invites you to step into this role with total embodiment.