KnowSagittarius Wknd Scope May 27 – 29, 2022

We have an explosive weekend coming up Skymates! Sagittarius, we’re about to collectively experience the meeting of Mars (planet of action) and Jupiter (planet of expansion), in the powerful sign of Aries. The fiery energy of this conjunction will begin to arise in the days before and continue to reverberate for days after – initiating us into a space of vitality, new paths and empowerment. Jupiter is your ruler Sagittarius, so you’ll be feeling the potency of this planetary signature. You may be noticing a desire for self-expression, and if this is the case: now could be time to lean into it. Your gifts, wisdom, love and talents are ready to be shared with the world in a deeper way. If you have any fear or reservations about this, it may be worth reflecting on their validity. What holds you back, from shining as brightly as you naturally can?

KnowSagittarius Scope May 25 – 26

Sagittarius, go easy on yourself. The moon moving through Aries brings back inspiration and momentum to your life… and with its meeting of Venus: a reminder to be gentle with yourself. The sign of Aries (a fellow fire sign) is all about pace and action, and you’re here for it. When it meets Venus though, we’re invited into a space of slowing down, being present and finding gratitude for the moment we’re in. Sagittarius, the universe is reminding you that faster, or higher – doesn’t necessarily mean better. Rather, if we look at the term ‘progress’- it’s pretty subjective. Rather than focusing on lack or your life’s ‘flaws,’ pay close attention to the ways that you’re killing it. Notice the ways that you’re blessed, content and joyful. Like attracts like, and paying attention to the positive energy in your life… will likely bring in more of it.

KnowSagittarius Scope May 23 – 24

Sagittarius, you might be feeling stretched – but it will change. Over the next few days, we collectively experience Mercury (planet of communication and mental realms), shifting out of Gemini, and into Taurus. As a result, this slightly alters the focus of our individual Mercury retrograde experiences, powerfully illuminating new spheres for us to work with, understand and heal. Sagittarius, over the last few weeks you may have been getting caught up with the energies and dramas of those around you. The universe is now inviting you into a space of deep self-focus. This doesn’t mean ignoring or neglecting others, it simply means prioritizing your time, energy and wellbeing. Here, there’s a hint regarding focusing on the details. Your day is made up of many small moments. How can you ensure that each uplifts and serves your highest good? This could be a time to initiate some new habits.

KnowSagittarius Wknd Scope May 20 – 22, 2022

Sag, voice your truth this weekend. On Friday, we start the day with the Moon joining forces with Pluto, offering you the empowerment you need to tap into your inner waters and the emotional depth that lives within you. By nightfall the Sun gets ready to say goodbye to Taurus, giving way to Gemini Season.  For the next month, the Sun will be shining a light on your commitments, the dynamics and nuances within your partnerships, and the balance between you and other. On Saturday, Mercury enters the heart of the Sun, and you might get in the mood to connect with your closest relationships. It’s a great time to share your thoughts and feelings with your loved ones, and to open up to others’ points of view. Sunday brings the Waning Quarter Moon in Pisces, inviting you to focus on your loved ones, your family and your basic physical and emotional needs. Reminisce, and have deep and soothing conversations with your people.

KnowSagittarius Scope May 18 – 19

Sag, listen closely to the feelings surrounding home and family. Wednesday starts out with fiery Mars joining forces with dreamy Neptune. What or who do you feel driven to care for? The Moon shifts into Capricorn in your area of daily life on Wednesday morning. Allow yourself to talk about the things you’re interested in with your friends, coworkers, and even strangers. Don’t just speak about what you’ve read. Allow the knowledge of your own experiences to shine through. Thursday starts out with the Sun and Pluto in a balancing encounter. Shining a light on the power that the depths of your pleasure holds— your need to connect with it, to live through it, and how this can enhance your health in ways that you could never imagine. As the day comes to an end, Mercury, in its retrograde motion, makes a sweet connection to Jupiter, inviting you to connect with the magic of creating together, and letting go within your connections.

KnowSagittarius Scope May 16 – 17

Sag, how are you feeling after the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio last night? Your mental health, your emotional depths, your daily work, health and wellness practices are being shaken up, in order for you to be able to release what is keeping you from your connection to your inner world. What occurs during eclipses goes on in the dark, so if you can’t really put your finger on it yet, be patient and know that things are happening even if you can’t see them. Monday will feel lighter than the past days when the Moon shifts into your sign. You’ll feel a lot of good vibes coming your way these days. If tensions come up with your partners, Monday may not be the best time to communicate. Take some time off and revisit this later on. On Tuesday, you’ll want to look good. Don’t hold back, even if you feel a bit overdressed, go all out with your look. You deserve to feel beautiful.