Sag, check in on the wellness practices and work habits that keep you centered. Friday’s energy invites us to look at what’s missing in the grand scheme of things in order to be more responsive within our day-to-day lives, and the conversations we have on Saturday may affect the course of our life path on a soul level, so pay attention. On Sunday, the Moon unites with Venus, which entered the sign of Gemini earlier this week in your area of partnerships and commitments, activating this theme that will be present until July 17th. You have so much love you wanna give right now, especially to your lovers and besties. So don’t you dare keep it in. If you’ve been feeling stuck when trying to find the right words to express your feels, no worries, the words will come flowing through, and you’ll be able to speak from the heart in a way that resonates. It’s a good time to discuss and solidify agreements and long-term commitments.