What are the things that make you feel expansive? That make you happy? That make you feel like your life is worth living? Get down to the essential truth of what you need in order to have a fulfilling life, Sag, as the Moon will still be in Leo Friday through Saturday. The tense connection between Mars and Pluto becomes exact on Friday, and you may be faced with a sense of lack. Be honest with yourself about how much energy you have to give to your work and your day-to-day. Sometimes a small pause can recharge you in a great way. On Saturday, the Moon will be balancing out the Nodes, inviting your to connect with your vocation. How can you direct your career towards a more purpose driven path? Sunday morning, the Moon shifts into the practical sign of Virgo. Make more space for the things you want to create, and less space for the things you want to see taking root.