Sag, your natural rhythm is calling you home. This fast-paced society can certainly disconnect us from the rhythm that our body needs to be healthier. I know it’s easier said than done, because not everyone has the privilege of deciding what rhythm they want to work in. Whatever it is you do, find space to breathe, even if you have to hurry, breathe deep, feel your body while you do what you do, and it’ll help you find ways to adjust even in difficult situations. This is a time to cultivate self-care practices, big or small. Your body needs you. You can’t be without it, and it can’t be without you. The Solar Eclipse in Taurus happens at 4:28 pm EST on Saturday, and it falls in your area of work, health and daily rituals. In your experience, how do all of these things connect with one another? And how are you currently in relationship with them? It’s time to tap into the inner space from where you can claim these areas of your life, so the circumstances don’t overpower you.