Sag, get ready for the next chapter. As the weekend begins, the Sun in Sag harmonizes with Chiron in Aries, and the Moon in Aries harmonizes with Mercury in Sag. This indicates that you’re feeling more empowered and ready to take action based on your expansive visions of what’s possible. Then once the Moon enters Taurus you’ll feel motivated to create a practical plan for bringing your revolutionary visions to life. Now that it’s your bday season and we’re nearing the Full Moon in Gemini, you’re ready to close the door to a part of your past that’s been holding you back. You may have been in denial about how much you’ve evolved, and how much you’ve outgrown certain people, places and things. But now you’re ready to face the music and accept that it’s time to move on. This will free up so much space for you to focus on your next adventure.