Sagittarius, you might be feeling stretched – but it will change. Over the next few days, we collectively experience Mercury (planet of communication and mental realms), shifting out of Gemini, and into Taurus. As a result, this slightly alters the focus of our individual Mercury retrograde experiences, powerfully illuminating new spheres for us to work with, understand and heal. Sagittarius, over the last few weeks you may have been getting caught up with the energies and dramas of those around you. The universe is now inviting you into a space of deep self-focus. This doesn’t mean ignoring or neglecting others, it simply means prioritizing your time, energy and wellbeing. Here, there’s a hint regarding focusing on the details. Your day is made up of many small moments. How can you ensure that each uplifts and serves your highest good? This could be a time to initiate some new habits.