Sag, listen closely to the feelings surrounding home and family. Wednesday starts out with fiery Mars joining forces with dreamy Neptune. What or who do you feel driven to care for? The Moon shifts into Capricorn in your area of daily life on Wednesday morning. Allow yourself to talk about the things you’re interested in with your friends, coworkers, and even strangers. Don’t just speak about what you’ve read. Allow the knowledge of your own experiences to shine through. Thursday starts out with the Sun and Pluto in a balancing encounter. Shining a light on the power that the depths of your pleasure holds— your need to connect with it, to live through it, and how this can enhance your health in ways that you could never imagine. As the day comes to an end, Mercury, in its retrograde motion, makes a sweet connection to Jupiter, inviting you to connect with the magic of creating together, and letting go within your connections.