Sag, this is no time to water down your creative capacities. The Moon is still in Aries, and will join forces with Mars on Wednesday afternoon. You aren’t here to be the nice one, or to trample over others in order to get your way either. You’re here so that what you create inspires and benefits yourself and others and to have fun in the process. How do you want to use your talents? On Thursday, the Moon moves into Taurus in your area of work habits, health and wellness practices. These next couple of days will be ideal for planning out your next moves. Make a plan for the kind of success you want to see in your life. Make a plan for the kind of day-to-day routines that can help support the success you’re aiming for. The Moon also comes into an uplifting alignment with the Sun on Thursday. Remember that being productive doesn’t mean much when you don’t have a solid ground and an inner depth to build upon.