What would you do without your favorite guru? You’d remind yourself that you are your own guru. That’s what the Full Moon in Sag is about, Archer. All zodiac signs will feel empowered to tap into their innate wisdom, and soar. Specifically for you, Sag, since this is your annual full moon, you’ll be hearing, seeing, and loving yourself more fiercely. But beware of being so focused on making your life feel like a dream world, that you forget that it’s not something you have to manifest into existence — you can simplify your lifestyle and see that everything already is a dream. This week’s full moon energy is likely to make many of your dreams come true, even if you don’t yet see how. By the time Saturn shifts direct in 4 months, you’re likely to see how this was the full moon that radically changed the game and helped you align yourself with your most up-to-date values and intentions.