As the week begins, the Moon’s in Aries and the Sun’s in Leo. This double whammy of Fire sign energy can lead to us collectively feeling restless, confident, and self-centered. Sag, have fun as the week begins. Passion play. The Aries Moon brings out the child in you, the adventurer, the athlete, and the soul-searcher. You’re in the mood to laugh, to dance, to travel, to explore, and to release the need to always be striving toward something. After a 5-week visit, Mars is spending its final 5 days in Taurus this week, and although its slower pace has at first felt odd for you to adjust to as a Fire sign, you actually benefited from adopting a more mellow lifestyle. Make the most of the transformation you’ve felt this past month, Sag. A new world awaits in this second half of August.