The Moon enters the impulsive sign of Aries today, helping us to embody our fire and our instincts. Dare to feel and to love fiercely. Dare to start over as many times as you have to. Life isn’t a race. It’s an experience, and you have to make it your own. Sag, if your creative fire wants to come bursting through, let it. No more watering yourself down, no more bringing it out little by little. Make these days all about your self-expression, make them about your art. Trust your offerings and inner visions, don’t always wait for others to give the green light. Take the risk of not being understood or of being too much. If you’re coming from a place of truth and a place of love, and not from a place of wanting to be the center of attention, I assure you you’ll find your crowd. Also, take some time for leisure, do something fun.