Nurture yourself first Sagittarius. Today the Sun enters Taurus – joining Venus in its home sign. For the next month, we’ll be brought more deeply into the natural world, our bodies, and the realms of sensuality. Here, the Taurus archetype reminds us of the present moment and the beauty of yin wisdom: simply being. We begin to lean towards security, quality and long-lasting value. The physical and material world starts to sparkle in a different way. Sagittarius, for you this beautiful energy lights up your sector of wellbeing and lifestyle. It’s the perfect time to reignite motivation for your self-care routine. Tuning into your body will feel more natural this month – so pay close attention to the messages you receive from it. If you need rest, do so. Noticing what your body responds to, find new ways to nourish yourself. You deserve this level of self-love.