Skymates, we’re being called to action. Yesterday the Taurus moon (representative of our inner value systems) came into friction with Saturn in Aquarius, a theme which carries through today. Saturn represents structures, hierarchy and traditional authority. When transiting through Aquarius, this raises ideas of collective revolution. This will feel like an intense clash between our moral codes, and the external structures that govern this world. We see this reflected in events like the tragic death of Daunte Wright, or Japan’s decision to release one million tons of radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean. Sagittarius, planetary tensions such as those mentioned above, are powerful catalysts. They create the driving force for necessary, and overdue change. At this we’re all being asked – what can we do? Sagittarius, your powerful and inspiring nature is needed here. For inspiration, read KTZ’s ‘How To Ignite Your Inner Revolutionary’ article. You’re ready to step into a new chapter.