The Moon continues its journey through the sentimental sign of Cancer before shifting into Leo at 5:56pm EST. Today’s vibes may have us in our feels, while simultaneously helping us increase our self-confidence as we approach this weekend’s full moon. Sag, a major opportunity to shine your light and share your talents is on its way to you, and will most likely manifest by this weekend’s Libra Full Moon. The key to making the most of this milestone is to make room for it in your life by making sure you’re not saying yes to too many other “opportunities”. You have to discern which ones are truly meant for you, and which ones are just fillers or fluff. Also be aware that sometimes the right opportunities come in different packages or derive from a sender you would’ve never expected, so avoid making assumptions about exactly what or who is meant to bless you, and keep your mind and heart open to life’s plot twists.