Sagittarius, time to shed. Today the moon moves from fiery Aries, into the calmer energy of earthy Taurus. When this happens, our motivation tends to shift towards comfort, security and peace. The moon is most sensual when she’s in Taurus. It’s as if life slows down a little, and stopping to ‘smell the roses,’ starts to sound pretty appealing. Sagittarius, this grounding energy infuses your sector of lifestyle and routines. It’s a day to get on top of your to-do list, and cross off anything that’s been sitting there a while. The universe invites you to consider how you can maximize your efficiency, and use of time. Perhaps it’s about balancing the not-so-fun tasks out with things you enjoy. It could also just be a case of cleaning up your diet or getting to bed earlier. Tip: you’ll feel as though you’re moving more quickly towards your goals, when there’s nothing unnecessary slowing you down.