Happy Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, Sag! Today’s full moon is extra potent since it’s also an eclipse, which means the collective energy is more supercharged and full of activity. All skymates will find themselves evaluating what’s real from what’s fiction, and making sure they’re facing the truth and not running from it. Sag, you may need to be honest with yourself and your lovers/friends/partners regarding what’s working for you in the connection, and what you’re ready to move on from. As a Sag, it’s easy for you to emotionally disconnect once you feel bored or drained, but today’s eclipse is asking you to stop any ghosting or disassociation patterns and actually face things head-on. Mercury’s about to enter your sign tomorrow, so if you need an extra day to think about what you’d like to say, gift yourself that. Starting tomorrow, you’ll be unfiltered when speaking your truth and naming your needs.