Check in on the things that make you feel bitter. What can you do to bring a little bit more warmth into your loving heart? Don’t tire yourself out too much, and remember the importance of pleasure, Pisces, as the Moon will still be in Leo Friday through Saturday. The tense connection between Mars and Pluto becomes exact on Friday. Don’t let the power struggles that arise within your groups make you forget your worth. Everyone can have their opinion. Make sure to be honest about where you stand, and that you’re standing from a place of self-love. On Saturday, the Moon will be balancing out the Nodes, reminding you that words can hurt, but they can also heal. How are you expressing your feelings lately? Sunday morning, when the Moon shifts into the practical sign of Virgo, bring awareness to how you, your partners, and your unions have changed. Acknowledging and voicing this can help your bonds take deeper roots.