KnowPisces Wknd Scope September 30 – October 2, 2022

Abundance is calling Pisces. We have some beautiful days lined up, with the moon in fiery Sagittarius making harmonious connections to both Venus (planet of love and beauty) and Jupiter (planet of expansion). Pisces, because this activates your sector of physical abundance and wealth, this makes it an incredible time to plant some seeds of manifestation. Take some time alone or with those you’re deeply comfortable with. Relax your nervous system, and allow your creativity to open up. From this place, you’ll be able to see all kinds of possibilities and creative potentials which you otherwise may not have. Epiphanies await. Then all you must do is simply follow the call. On October 2nd, Mercury ends its retrograde stationing direct in the sign of Virgo. This will likely feel like a sense of coming full circle. Pay attention to what was different a few months ago versus now. Acknowledge and celebrate yourself for your growth.

KnowPisces Scope September 28 – 29

Boundary setting is key Pisces. Over the next few days we have an auspicious planetary shift with Mars coming into harmony with Saturn. We’re nearing the end of this Mercury retrograde, which means themes we’re working with will be reaching their boiling point. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, this will feel like a chance to catch your breath and find your footing again. Pisces, with Mercury shifting into Virgo, your sector of relationships is activated. As a result, you might be feeling more sensitive to the energies of others. As one of the most empathic signs, honoring your boundaries is key to enjoying and navigating life with clarity. If you do notice yourself feeling pressure, unwanted obligations, or even just discomfort from another’s auric field – this will be a good time to step away. If clear communication is needed to draw a line, know that you have the right to do so. This is an act of self-love.

KnowPisces Scope September 26 – 27

Skymates, we’ve just had the Libra New Moon and Equinox vibes empowering us as a collective. If you’ve been feeling ‘new chapter’ energy, you’re right. This week is all about taking our first steps through this gateway. Pisces, because your sector of transformation and deep healing is being activated… it may feel as though you’re on the cusp of something big. With Venus connecting harmoniously with Pluto, a cosmic healing signature invites you to pay close attention to any fears or triggers that arise. Is there anything that you feel ready to face or resolve? With the Moon moving into Scorpio (ruler of the subconscious) this could be the perfect time. You’ll also benefit from reflective activities like journaling or chatting with a therapist.

KnowPisces Wknd Scope September 23 – 25, 2022

Pisces, on Friday, Mercury retrograde will re-enter Virgo in your area of partnership and commitments. Communication may slow down or become confusing within your one-on-one relationships. It’s a good time to review your commitments, and if you’re still up to meeting them. Don’t make any big decisions right now. Wait and see how things unfold during the week or two. The New Moon in Libra is happening on Sunday at 5:54pm EST, highlighting your resources and shared energy. Your intimate relationships, joint ventures, and collaborations may be put to the test. Do you feel stuck within these spaces where your energy is invested, or is there room for growth? It’s important that you put your energy where it can flourish and reap fruits. Stick with the ones that are willing to put in the work, share the load, and grow and transform together.

KnowPisces Scope September 21 – 22

Play around with bringing some ritual into your intimate relationships, Pisces. These are the last couple of days of Virgo Season before the Sun moves into the balancing sign of Libra on Thursday night. For you, this Season is about intimacy and vulnerability. You’ve got to know what to open up to, and what to close off to. You’ve got to know where you feel safe to let go, and where you’ve got to protect your energy and resources. You’ve got to stop putting yourself down and doubting yourself. You’ve got to trust your deepest desires instead of fearing or devaluing them. This is a time to go deep, to explore, to undress your soul, on your own and in the company of those that have the courage to do the same with you.

KnowPisces Scope September 19 – 20

Pisces, don’t take yourself too seriously. The Moon in Cancer is inviting you to move with the passion of your creative fire, and when it comes to a tense connection with Chiron on Monday, it connects you with the healing potential available in creating without seeking perfection. No more playing it safe or keeping it small. Risk being too intense, risk falling, risk not doing your best. This is how you come into an honest relationship with your potential. This is how you will ultimately get to your best and truest work. On Tuesday, the Moon then comes into a stretching connection with Pluto, and may bring to light things that were hidden deep. Don’t let peer pressure or herd mentality keep you from what’s truly meaningful to you.