Boundary setting is key Pisces. Over the next few days we have an auspicious planetary shift with Mars coming into harmony with Saturn. We’re nearing the end of this Mercury retrograde, which means themes we’re working with will be reaching their boiling point. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, this will feel like a chance to catch your breath and find your footing again. Pisces, with Mercury shifting into Virgo, your sector of relationships is activated. As a result, you might be feeling more sensitive to the energies of others. As one of the most empathic signs, honoring your boundaries is key to enjoying and navigating life with clarity. If you do notice yourself feeling pressure, unwanted obligations, or even just discomfort from another’s auric field – this will be a good time to step away. If clear communication is needed to draw a line, know that you have the right to do so. This is an act of self-love.