Pisces, you’re healing and growing. One of this year’s major flavors will be heightened over the next few days – with Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus. This can look like more surprises, twists and turns… especially when it comes to themes like global economies, wealth, politics and so on. Collective energies might feel as though they’re boiling up,  and with the moon shifting into your sign, you’ll be feeling it Pisces. For you, this cosmic signature is a reminder that your healing journey only has to move one step at a time… and you’re doing exactly that. Small things that seem irrelevant (like starting your day with a glass of water, or switching off social media after 7pm) –  might feel insignificant, but they’re not. Every gesture adds up  to a more vibrant, loving and enjoyable life. Honor all of the little self-loving choices that you already make on a daily basis. You’re doing wonderfully, and that should be acknowledged.