Pisces, what helps you to connect with your sense of self-worth? The Moon is still in Virgo on Wednesday, offering you the energy and the emotional support to be present with whatever comes up within your partnerships. In the morning the Moon will come into a stretching encounter with Mars, and you’ll be able to stand your ground as long as you remain connected to your inner world. In the afternoon, the Moon faces Neptune, and your mind, body and soul become more sensitized. On Thursday, the day begins with the Moon moving into Libra and facing Jupiter, a deep sense of self-appreciation will invade you. Recognize your worth, allow yourself to feel comfortable and pleasurable within your own skin. Share yourself through this feeling. As the day comes to an end, the Moon faces off with Venus, and you will be able to feel the emotional undercurrents of your relationships, and how they impact your sense of self-worth.