This is a time to heal through creative self-expression, Pisces. With the Moon in Cancer until Wednesday night, we’ll still be feeling the New Moon vibes during the next couple of days. Immerse yourself in the kind of art and expressions that speak to your soul and offer you well-being. If it doesn’t lift your spirits it’s not for you right now. This is a time to heal through joy and pleasure. Allow yourself to become a kid again. Tap into how your self-expression wants to move through you. On Thursday, the Moon will come into a tense connection to Mars and Pluto. If misunderstandings arise within your social life, try not to impulsively act from a place of stubbornness. Connect with your passion and your joy so you don’t let others’ opinions get the best of you. When night falls, the Moon will move into passionate Leo, bringing some warmth into your wellness practices.