You may be feeling moody and changeable, but will be able to tap into the natural nurturer within you, Pisces, as the Moon hangs out in your sign, uplifting your strength of spirit on Monday. On Tuesday, the Moon then shifts into Aries in your area of self-esteem, inviting you to examine ways of successfully working with your resources. Cancer Season swoops in on Tuesday 5:14am EST, highlighting your creative self-expression. No more hiding your talents away. It’s time to let them shine. Stick to those artistic skills that you’re eager to learn. Remain open to romance and having some fun. Make more time for leisure, to just do pointless activities or nothing at all. Connect with your inner child. Play with your kids, or your nephews, or your friends’ kids. This Season is about saying ‘yes’ to anything that brings more passion and joy into your life.