The Moon’s transition from Aries to Taurus on Wednesday brings a shift in energy, moving from a fiery Aries to a more grounded Taurus vibe. Pisces, during the next 2.5 days focus on creating a stable and harmonious environment around you. With the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, plus Mars joining forces with Pluto here, your focus on freedom and breaking free from restrictions is amplified, but now it’s about grounding into your dream realm, and allowing for your actions towards a more just reality to arise from a more rested version of yourself. The presence of Saturn and Neptune in your sign encourages a blend of practicality and dreaminess, making it a perfect time to plan rather than act impulsively. Let yourself explore what feels liberating, perhaps through learning or connecting with people who share your vision. Let your free-spirited soul dream big, but also to consider the steps needed to make those dreams come true.