Happy Full Moon week, Pisces! Full Moons are potent periods of manifestation and closure, where we reflect on our goals and intentions from the past six months, and we celebrate how far we’ve come. Pisces, this Gemini full moon activates your sector of home and the roots, and it’s a potent time for doing inner child work, since Gemini energy has to do with one’s inner child. What have you been denying yourself lately? It’s time to give your inner child the attention and love they’re craving, even if you take baby steps. Spend time tending to your deepest needs. I’m aligned with this full moon, because my book Signs & Skymates, is being birthed December 6, one day before the Gemini Full Moon strikes. If you’ve enjoyed the astro wisdom I’ve shared this past decade, I’d love for you to celebrate me by ordering my book! Dec 5 is the last day to get a birth chart reading + astro compatibility course when you upload your pre-order receipts via the link in my bio. If you prefer to buy a physical copy on pub day (Dec 6), please consider supporting your local indie bookstore. Thank you and happy full moon!