Open up to deeper intimacy, Pisces. The Full Moon has just occurred in the sign of Cancer, which is directly opposite Capricorn, where the Sun is currently transiting. This polarity deals with the balance between our inner and outer worlds. It’s inviting us to find a healthy equilibrium between our personal needs and responsibilities to the home and family, as well as our professional ambitions. With Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler) currently transiting through your sign Pisces, you’re being called to embrace the lessons of structure and discipline in your personal growth. This Full Moon is asking you to become more self-sufficient in a way that feels empowering rather than limiting. It’s time to own your abilities and talents in order to take practical steps toward self-sufficiency. Keep in mind that your planetary ruler Jupiter is about to end its retrograde on December 30th, and this will boost your self-confidence as we prepare to enter 2024. Love this for you!