Happy 8/8/2022 ascension portal, skymates! The more present you are with yourself, and with nature today (and this week), the more tapped in you’ll feel. Everything can truly be so simple, if we decide to make it so. For you, Pisces, this ascension energy is helping you feel more acquainted with your inner child and your spiritual needs. As we approach the Aquarius Full Moon that takes place on the 11th, you may be feeling more introspective. Say no to social obligations or work responsibilities that don’t fully light you up. You’re more in the mood to daydream and sleep, and that’s because so many cosmic downloads are coursing through humanity at once, and as the last sign of the zodiac (and a Water sign at that), you’re absorbing these vibes and transmuting them. You’re doing healing work even when it looks like you’re in your own world. So make sure to protect your energy in the process. Boundaries are sexy!