Skymates, the Full Moon in Libra becomes exact at 12:34 am EST on Thursday, reminding us that a little care, understanding and thoughtfulness can help to renew our relationships and our responsibilities. The Full Moon comes with a merging between Mercury and the North Node, bringing new insights about our life path and our soul purpose. Pisces, nothing good comes from basking in regret. That energy can be better used in trying new approaches when it comes to your healing process. In life, fears and hard truths are inevitable. But you can counter this by cultivating moments of pleasure, even if they’re small. Moments of joy. Words or acts of affirmation that remind you of what is going good in your life. Rituals that help you slow down, and sink in. Working on your feelings is a labor, and it requires resources, like your energy. So it’s ok if you feel tired and uninspired. Go easy on yourself, take it slow.