Pisces, with so much energy focused on your sign, you’re feeling like you can flow more easily, and love more openly. Enjoy this! On Wednesday, the Moon in Sag comes into an uplifting connection with Saturn, and then clashes with Neptune and Jupiter. If you feel the need to take things slow at work, do so as much as your work environment allows it. If a coworker offers a hand, allow yourself to be pampered in this way. As the day comes to an end, the Moon will enter Capricorn and you’ll be feeling more social. On Thursday morning, social media and the online world might hog all of your attention. If this is the case, at least make sure to do something productive out of it. Don’t spend the whole day checking on likes and comments, find a balance between the virtual world and real life. If it gets hard to do, you can turn off your phone for an hour or two.