Pisces, get cosy. Today the same fiery and proactive energy that surrounded our last New Moon continues, as the Sun comes into a harmonious connection with Mars. This beautiful planetary energy might feel like a sword of light slicing through the last weeks of (comparative) confusion. The Sun in Aries shines rays upon our unique and individual experiences. Suddenly, we matter the most again. Meanwhile, Mars in Gemini opens us up to an abundance of new options, possibilities and potential pathways for achieving our dreams. Pisces, this beautiful blend of energies moves through your sector of emotional wellbeing and comfort. It’s the perfect time to shift your gaze inwards, to spend (and cherish) some time alone, and to go deep. Today, place your focus on what makes you feel comfortable and safe – then lean into that direction. Every now and then, seeking refuge in yourself is the perfect way to recharge and re-enter the world more inspired than ever. As a water sign, you get this.